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How can Meelie help you to put Our Planet First?

For every phone you purchase we plant 8 trees in partnership with Ecology.

Repair - Our Planet First

The UK is the 2nd worst e-waste producer in the world. Electronic waste is expected to reach over 50 million metric tonnes by 2021. 

Our sister company Samsung Repairs can assist with repairs on Samsung devices. By using repair services you can ensure your device lasts longer and prevents devices going to landfill. 

Reuse - Our Planet First

You can help to put our planet first by trading in your device, instead of throwing it away.

We offer great prices for all phones that we receive. For further information on how we reuse devices and the meelie promise click here.

Recycle - Our Planet First

Over 85% of all e-waste ends up in landfill and equals 70% of overall toxic waste. 

Here at meelie we only recycle as the very last resort. When we receive devices through our trade in programme, any phones that we are unable to refurbish will be broken down for parts and recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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Join us in making a difference …

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