Our Planet First

Reducing CO₂ emissions and lowering the amount of electronic waste is necessary to save our planet. ​

Deloitte Global predicts that smartphones—the world’s most popular consumer electronics device, expected to have an installed base of 4.5 billion in 20221—will generate 146 million tons of CO2 or equivalent emissions (CO2e) in 2022.2 This is less than half a percent of the 34 gigatons of total CO2e emitted globally in 2021, but it is still worth trying to reduce. The bulk of these emissions, 83% of the total, will come from the manufacture, shipping, and first-year usage of the 1.4 billion new smartphones forecast to be shipped in 2022.4 Usage-related emissions from the other 3.1 billion smartphones in use during 2022 will generate an additional 11%, and the remainder will come from refurbishing existing smartphones (4%) and end-of-life processes (1%),5 including recycling.

We Keep Technology Alive For Longer.

We Repair

We service mobiles, tablets and wearables.

We Restore

We return all products to a fully functioning, factory reset condition.

We Recycle

We ethically dispose of waste with full traceability.

We Replace

We supply replacement devices when repair is not viable.

We are planting trees

In cooperation with Ecologi, so far we planted over 4200 trees and helped to reduce 74 tonnes of carbon. Join us and help continue our mission to save the planet.