Sell My Phone Online – Easy Guide To Our 4 Device Conditions

If you’re looking to sell your phone online but you’re a little unsure as to which condition to put it down as, we are here to help with a breakdown of all our device conditions to help you on the journey to sell your phone.

‘Sell my phone online’ is a term that is searched 500 times a months, and here at Meelie Mobile we have the answers. We pay you cash for your old devices, no matter what the condition. We appreciate that condition can be subjective and we want to do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you, so read on and we will guide you through our grading process.

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This one is pretty straight forward, we offer great prices for brand new, unused, in the box devices. Whether you made a new purchase and changed your mind or just never found yourself using your new device, you can trade this in to us for money, and who wouldn’t want that?!

When you select a condition on Meelie we give you a few check boxes which help you to device if this is the correct condition for you. For our new devices, we ask that the phone is the following;

sell my phone online


If your device is no longer brand new but still in a good condition, this is the option you want to select when selling your device to us.

Good condition devices have some light wear and tear which can be described as a few light marksell my phone onlines and faint scratches.  Consideration must be given to where the marks are, for example, marks on the screen affect the value more than the rear, as this is what a new owner would make their assessment of value on the most.

So when analysing your device, check for the following before going ahead with your ‘good condition’ selection.

sell my phone online

Fairsell my phone online

If you think your device may be in ‘fair’ condition read on to make sure this is the right one for you.

Fair condition covers above average wear and tear which can be described as multiple light marks or as little as a single deep scratch, we also classify small areas of missing paint on the casing or buttons as ‘fair’.  The screen however cannot have any chips or delamination but minor ones on the casing are acceptable, this is due to the cost of mending the screen being much higher than that of the casing.

Some issuesell my phone onlines may lurk a little deeper than cosmetic ones that are easy to notice, such as cracks on the screen or screen burn issues.

Often a device may be in great cosmetic condition but the LCD has deteriorated.  Most recyclers will instantly class this as a faulty device.  But at Meelie we grade the level of detsell my phone onlineerioration and reduce the value to fair, only classing this as a fault in extreme circumstances where the screen would need completely replacing. If you want more information on screen burn click here to read all about it or here to watch a video from TMT First.



If you have had your device for quite some time, it could be the case that the device is faulty and is no longer able to function as it once did, in these cases you must select the ‘faulty’ option.

There could be many reasons why your phone is longer working, from being dropped and damaging the screen or the device simply not charging any more. Whatever the reason, as long as your device fits the below, we will still give you a great price.

  • Device comes complete with its battery.
  • Device is fully intact and in shape, not bent, crushed or snapped.
  • Device can have a cracked screen or casing.
  • Device has no missing parts.

So, now that’s all cleared up head over to our selling page here for a quick no obligation quote on your device and start earning cash for your trash.

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