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Our Buy Back guide explains how you can sell your old devices to us and earn cash for your trash!

Mobile phones are a huge part of modern life and we know that some people love buying the latest models, others keep their trusty devices until they can go on no more. This all leads to a pile up of old devices that we are sure can be found in any home in the UK!

Imagine this, you’ve misplaced your car keys somewhere in your home, so the hunt begins. You flip over sofa cushions, check your coat pockets, maybe they’re in the jeans you were wearing last night – nothing. You begin to check your cupboards, letters, socks, pens, games…a few £20 notes! Those go straight into your wallet!

Now, imagine this, you’ve misplaced your car keys somewhere in your home, so the hunt begins. You flip over sofa cushions, check your coat pockets, maybe they’re in the jeans you were wearing last night – nothing. You begin to check your cupboards, letters, socks, pens, games…a few old phones that you’ve not used for years, t-shirts, you even check the fridge!

Did you spot the difference?

Here at Meelie Mobile we don’t disregard old devices, even if they are broken, and neither should you.

How it works.

After discovering your pile of unused devices that you had completely forgotten even existed, head over to Meelie’s buy back site to begin your sale- after all, who doesn’t love money for their old junk? Alternatively, you can visit our main website and simply select the ‘Sell your phone option’.

sell my phone online

Once you’ve made your way to our buy back site you’ll be given the choice to select your devices manufacturer. We currently only buy Apple and Samsung devices at the moment, so this step only takes a second.

sell my phone onlineNext, you’ve got to find your model. Simply begin typing your device’s name into the search box provided and we will help you out with a selection of pre-filled options for you to choose from. Either select from this list or, click the search button and choose from our available matches that appear on the next screen – this one comes with images too, which is brilliant if you’re not 100% certain on your model.

sell my phone onlinesell my phone onlineSome models come with different amounts of storage, so be sure to check this before making your selection.

Once you’ve clicked on the model that matches the device you are looking to sell, you need to tell us all about it.

We break our phone categories down into 4 easy easy to understand groups: new, good, fair, faulty. Each of these categories have fixed prices for each device, giving you access to an immediate quote, removing the process of sending in your device prior to being given a quote.

Tell us if your phone is locked to a network provider or not – For example, if your handset only works on EE, O2, Vodafone or Tesco etc. then it is locked. If you’re unsure, pop in a sim card from a different provider and test it out, your device will either tell you it’s locked or try making a call and see if you’re able to.

Next, select the condition of your phone. The tick boxes that appear below once you select onesell my phone online will help you to understand what each condition means.

Take this image for example. If you were selling a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G in ‘good’ condition, you are confirming that the device has only light wear and tear, no deep scratches or cracks, everything is fully functional and that it is free from corrosion and water damage.

If you are unsure which condition best suits your device, have a look at the tick boxes under each one as this is sure to help. If you’re still struggling, feel free to get in touch with us here or email us at contact@meeliemobile.com and someone will get in touch to help.

Once you have told us everything there is to know about your device, you’ll be given an instant quote. We have no hidden fees and we don’t use any nasty ‘up to’ pricing models on our website, so the price you see online is the price you get. If for any reason your we cannot pay the full amount, we will always go into detail on why this is and we will either return your device free of charge or give you a fair counter price. This means that there is no cost to you what so ever for trying out our service.

If you are happy with the offer and choose to move forward, simply fill out your contact details and choose how you wish to be paid – either via bank transfer, cheque or PayPal (please bear in mind this PayPal will come with a fee and unfortunately this is out of our control). Don’t forget to agree to our terms and conditions which you can read here, confirm the make and model of your device and sign up to receive special offer from us!

sell my phone online

Once you have decided to send your device back to Meelie, we will show you step by step instructions including: How to delete any data from your device, how to package the device to send and all postage information.

sell my phone online

sell my phone online

We provide free postage labels which include tracking details so that you can check on your phone’s journey and see exactly when it is received by us. If you cannot print the label for any reason, select the ‘send me a label’ option and we will post one out to you free of charge. Our free Royal Mail Tracked Returns service included insurance of up to £100, so you know that your device is always protected.

After you have shipped your device to us, our team will carry out our initial checks and we will make payment to you within 1 day of receiving your device.

Need any more help?

Our friendly customer support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our recycling service. Either contact us via our online form here, email us at contact@meeliemobile.com or get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The importance of recycling your e-waste.

By selling your old mobile device to Meelie, you are ensuring that they don’t become part of the 80% of e-waste devices that ends up in landfill or incinerators. E-waste is a huge problem in the UK and across the entire globe, this is due to the toxicity of harmful chemicals and components found within these devices. When devices are added to landfills or burnt in incinerators, these chemicals seep out into the air and soil and pollute our planet.

The importance of recycling your e-waste is paramount to us here at Meelie Mobile. As a mobile phone recycler we believe heavily in three words, ‘repair, reuse, recycle’. In many cases our unused items can be repaired by companies such as Samsung Repairs whose Samsung trained technicians use genuine Samsung tools and parts to repair your device back to manufacturer standard. We understand that not every device can be saved or maybe you just don’t need it anymore, that’s why we reuse these devices for their components and recycle any left over parts in the most environmentally friendly way possible. sell my phone online

Our Planet First.

Finally, if you are in the market for a new device, look no further as we’ve got your back. Simply click here and shop our range of Samsung and Apple devices. We sell phones of all conditions from brand new to refurbished ‘like new’ – ‘good’. Buying refurbished devices allows you access to great phones and great prices!

Use code ‘OurPlanetFirst’ at checkout to receive £5 off your order over £150 and we will donate £5 to our chosen planet friendly charity!

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