All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S10 Range

If you’re looking to purchase a phone from the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, you’re in the right place.

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So, what are you waiting for? Come with us whilst we delve into the huge Galaxy S10 range and showcase all you need to know about the family of 4.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10 Lite & S10 5G.

Initial release date March 8th 2019 (5G June 7th 2019)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range

Dynamic Display

One of the first things that catches your eye when it comes to the S10 range is it’s stunning display. The S10 Lite is a little different when it comes to a few things and the display is one of them, so we will start with the others in the range first.

The S10, S10+ and S10 5G all feature the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 which was first released in 2018. According to Corning’s own press material, this new Gorilla Glass can survive, on average, 15 drops onto rough surfaces from a height of one meter and is up to “2x better” than Gorilla Glass 5. It is safe to say that even in the clumsiest of hands, your new device will stand the test of time.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Underneath its armour, these devices feature the Quad HD+ dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display (3040×1440), which we personally think is a showstopper.

The S10 is the smallest of the bunch with a 6.1 inch display, the S10+ adds and extra 3 inches with its 6.4 inch screen and amazingly, the S10 5G ups the ante another 3 inches and brings you the whopping 6.7 inch display – perfect for watching movies, playing games and creating beautiful photos.

Moving on to the S10 Lite. This device may be lite by name but don’t let that fool you; it boasts a large 6.7” FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O Display housed underneath its Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 cover. This glass has enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility and better retained strength if a scratch does occur over previous generations of Gorilla Glass, keeping your stunning display protected for longer.

Storage Capacity

Once again the S10 Lite’s features are a little different in this area, it comes with a storage capacity of 128gb and while this may not be as big as its brothers and sisters higher spec versions, it does come with a MicroSD slot with the capacity to expand your storage by 512gb, bringing it in line with the higher spec S10. So, if the Lite is the one for you, you don’t have to worry about compromising. The S10 Lite also comes with the choice of 6 or 8gb RAM.

Also featuring the 126gb of storage is the S10 and S10+ smaller spec models, both of which also have the option for 512gb for those of you who need that extra space as well as the MicroSD slot for that bonus storage space.

Leading the way when it comes to the storage capacity is the S10+ which gives you the choice of 128gb, 512gb or a massive 1TB as well as the added MicroSD slot, giving the user plenty of room for all of their applications without the worry of running out of space. The S10+ also comes with 8 or 12gb of RAM.

And last but not least comes the S10 5G featuring the middle ground of 256gb of storage, and while this model does not feature the MicoSD slot, it does come with 8gb of RAM, which is pretty impressive.

Captivating Cameras

When it comes to photography, Samsung devices rank highly as they always manage to pack in a whole host of lenses without compromising the quality.

If you’re a lover of the selfie, this range is definitely for you, with the S10 Lite featuring an incredible 32mp front camera you are bound to get some fantastic results. The rest of the range comes with the standard 10mp front camera which although not as impressive as 32mp, it is still a powerful addition to these devices. And that isn’t all, the S10+ also features a 8mp RGB Depth Camera and the S10 5G comes with a 3D depth camera, perfect for practicing your depth of field shots.

While you are reeling from this impressive news, we are going to take it up a notch and talk about the main cameras featured within this range, and let’s just say, you will not be disappointed.

Let’s begin with the S10 Lite, this little beauty certainly stands out when it comes to its photography capabilities.

The S10 Lite is the world’s first smartphone to have a module applied to the main lens of the camera. This Super Steady OIS (optical image stabilisation) addition to the 48mp lens creates smooth live video, even in low light, perfect for those videographers out there.

Also featured is the 5mp Macro lens which allows you to get as close as 4cm, giving you maximum detail on even the smallest of subjects as well as a 12mp ultra-wide-angle lens.

The remaining members of the S10 family all feature a 16mp ultra-wide lens, a 12mp wide-angle lens and a 12mp telephoto lens, with the S10 5G also throwing in another 3D depth camera, so it is safe to say that no matter your photography style, these devices have got your back.

Processing Power

Each device in this family comes with the Octa-core, Snapdragon 855 processor, giving you a clock speed of 2.96GHz on the prime core and 2.42GHz on the remaining seven. While this may just sound like a bunch of numbers any less tech minded folk, trust us when we say that this processor will allow your device to run like a dream.

Added Extras

And if you thought that was everything, you are very mistaken. The S10 range comes with a whole host of bonus features and perks.

Each of these devices comes with wireless Super Fast Charge, giving you hours of power from minutes of charge. This feature alone makes this range worth a look at in our opinion. Also included is Samsung’s Powershare feature, allowing you to top up your other compatible Samsung devices battery with a simple touch.

The S10, S10+ & S10 5G are all rated IP68, using the Ingress Protection rating system, giving them the highest level of dust protection and a water resistance rating of 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes).

The on-screen fingerprint scanner on the S10 Lite and the ultra-sonic fingerprint scanners within the rest of the family give you that added layer of security and peace of mind, knowing that no one but you can access your phones data without your say so. Also included to increase your level of security is Samsung Knox, their “defense-grade mobile security platform built into their latest devices. It provides real-time device protection from the moment you turn it on.” With all of the data that is stored within your device, security is something that we think is worth investing in.

And for the cherry on the cake, each of these devices features Samsung’s Game Booster, delivering a smoother gaming experience. Game Booster learns your usage patterns to optimize temperature, battery and memory, taking your gaming to another level.






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