Mobile Phone Recycling – Why It’s Better For The Planet

Recycling is a topic that is always being pushed – recycling bins are everywhere, your home, the office and even the park. But why is reycling so important and what does it achieve? We are here to help put this into perspective and show you why mobile phone recycling is better for the planet than adding to the current global e-waste problems.

What is e-waste and what does it do?

Lets begin with what e-waste is. E-waste refers to electronic waste, the disgarded electronic equipment that we throw out every single day. In 2019 The Environmental Audit Committee launched a new inquiry into e-waste and the circular economy (found here) and they found that a whopping 24.9kg of e-waste is produced per peson in the UK alone , and with is comes huge detrimental effects to our planet.

Mobile Phone Recycling

While e-waste comes in 10 different types, here at Meelie Mobile our main focus is on the computer and telecomm appliances category, namely mobile devices such as mobile phones an tablets.

Putting your old mobile device into your rubbish bin may be something you would do without even really thinking about it, however doing so causes major enovironmental issues as well as health concerns for those who handle our trash.

Mobile devices are made with numerous components, with many of these being toxic to human and plant life. So to learn that 70% of all toxic wasMobile Phone Recyclingte is made up at e-waste comes as no surpise. However, what is surprising is the fact that only 20% of this e-waste is currently being recycled, while the other 80% is being forced into landfills and incinerators across the globe.

Once you throw away your old device, these are processed by workers and people who come into direct contact with your device and its components. Harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, brominated flame retardants or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) not only pose a risk to those in direct contact via simply touching these materials, but also via inhilation of toxic fumes produced when these items are incinerated.

If your device isn’t one of the ones thrown into the incinerator it is very likely to be added to the mounting landfills found across the world. And while you may think that simply throwing your device onto a pile must be safer than incinerating it, you would be wrong. E-waste in landfills seeps toxi chemicals into the soil, water and air around them, polluting the soil we use to grow our foods in, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

So it’s pretty safe to say that our growing e-waste problem is just that, a growing problem!

To read more abour the harmful effects that e-waste can have click here to read an article by the World Health Organisation.

How can you help?

If you’re concerned about the amount of e-waste that we are producing as a species, you’re right to do so, as studies suggest that the estimated global amount of e-waste will rise to 52.2 million tonnes by next year alone. Mobile Phone Recycling

To stop this number from increasing at such a rapid rate we must all work together to remember to repair, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

These three little words can have such big impacts and help us to protect and put our planet first.

Many items, especially when it comes to e-waste can actually be repaired. This is an idea that is often overlooked while we live in such a fast paced consumer world. But looking for repair partners such as TMT First (an autorised Samsung repair partner) can help you save not only the life of you faulty mobile device, but also our planet. Sometimes a broken phone can be seen as the perfect excuse to buy a brand new shiny device, but repairing your device can give it a new lease of life that you didn’t even know it could have.

If you’ve already made the decision to purchase a new device for whatever reason, that’s great. (You can shop our wide range here). Mobile Phone RecyclingHowever, remember that the old one still exists and should be dealt with in a responsible manner. With an estimated 85 million used mobile phones in the UK alone, it’s worrying to think about where these may all end up and this is where we come in to help.

Here at Meelie Mobile we reuse your old devices by getting them repaired, refurbished and ready for re-sale to those who are looking for great devices at affordable prices. Our buy back programme is just that, we buy back your old, unused devices, taking them off your hands and lining your palm with money instead! And who doesn’t want a little extra cash for something that would otherwise be trash to them?!

We make our buy back programme super simple for you too! All you need to do is click here, select your device, tell us about its condition and we will give you an instant, free, no obligation quote there and then followed by a free postage label and instructions on how to reset and send your device to us. It really is that simple, and what’s more is that when you sell your device to us, you’ll receive a discount code to use on our store, giving you money off your next device.

So, we have repaired, we have reused but we are yet to recycle in the traditional sense. Now, unfortunately some devices are beyond repairing or reusing as the Mobile Phone Recyclingdamage is just too extensive, so in these instances we brake these down for parts and recycle them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Did you know that not only do mobile devices contain harmful materials, but they also house useful ones too? By recycling 1 million mobile phones we can retriev 16,000kg of copper, 15kg of palladium, 350kg of silver and 34kg of gold, that is a whole lot of precious materials that would otherwise have been lost forever.




So, it is safe to say that repair, reuse and recycle should become everyone’s new motto – especially when it comes to e-waste.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Our Planet First.

Looking after our planet is key and that is why, as a mobile phone recycler we ensure that we always follow the above rules when it comes to the work that we do.

As a thank you to you for joining us on our mission to put our planet first, you can use code ‘OurPlanetFirst’ at checkout for £5 off any device over £150 and we will also donate £5 to our chosen planet friendly charity, whose efforts work to protect the world around us.

Mobile Phone Recycling

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