What is a refurbished smartphone?

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We carefully inspect and test each phone to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and functionality. Defective parts are replaced with genuine manufacturers parts by fully accredited technicians.

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Our refurbished smartphones come with a minimum 12 warranty and free next day shipping, so you can shop with confidence. Whether you’re looking for a basic phone for calls and texts or top of a line flagship device, we’ve got you covered. With a quality refurbished smartphone, you’ll get all the features you need to stay connected without breaking the bank.

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Where do refurbished phones come from?

Refurbished smartphones come from a variety of sources. Sometime people will trade in their old phone for a discount on a new phone or get cash for their unwanted phone.

Why buy refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones, also referred to as reconditioned phones are extensively tested ensuring they are full functioning. This enables you to purchase a high-quality phone at an affordable price.

When you buy a refurbished phone, you’re giving a phone that may otherwise have been discarded a chance at a second life. This is an environmentally friendly option and helps reduce electronic waste.

Refurbished phones will save you money and protect the plant. Millions of old devices are thrown away each year. Discarded phones often end up polluting the environment with hazardous chemicals. By buying a refurbished phone, you can reduce your carbon footprint and break this cycle, having a real positive impact on the planet.

Sometimes, the phone you want is no longer available to purchase brand. In this case a refurbished smartphone is the answer. You’ll get the phone you want at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to a newer model.

Is it safe to buy refurbished phones?

Yes, it is safe to buy refurbished phones, providing you purchase from a reputable seller such as Meelie. The first step in refurbishing a phone, is to perform a full data-wipe to ensure the previous owner’s data has been permanently removed. They are then tested and repaired where necessary to ensure that are fully functioning. If you are buying one of Meelie’s premium refurbished smartphones it will come with minimum 12-month warranty.

Our fully accredited technicians will refurbish phones to ensure they are in perfect working order, making them function just like a brand-new phone.

Do refurbished phones have scratches?

It depends on the condition of the refurbished phone. Refurbished phones are cleaned, tested and graded according to cosmetic condition; this means we can offer a great choice of phones at a price to suit all budgets.

Whatever the cosmetic condition of a refurbished phone you can be confident that it will be fully functional.

What’s the difference between new, used, and refurbished phones?

New phones are have never been used or opened. They come with all the original accessories and packaging and are typically sold at full retail price.

Used phone or second-hand phones have been previously owned and may show signs of wear and tear. Buying a used phone from an online marketplace such as Facebook or Gumtree comes with risks. There may be unknown underling faults. Second hand phones sold online by private individuals may be registered lost or stolen. If you buy a blacklisted phone, you may have no redress from a private seller. A phone can become blacklined at any time, and you may not find out for months. While a used smartphone may seem like the cheap option, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Refurbished phones are used phones that have been professionally cleaned, tested and repaired to function like-new. Refurnished phones will typically cost a fraction of the price of a new phone but will still be covered by a warranty against manufacturers defects if purchasing from a reputable seller such as meelie.