Android mobile phone users instructions on how to transfer your data from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone

iPhone users – Are you thinking of changing your mobile phone?

Here at Meelie Mobile we’re happy to offer you cash for your old devices, even if it is broken. But before we do this, let us help you by showing you how to transfer your data from your old phone to your new device. This guide is for iPhone users.

We understand how important your phone is to you. Not only for staying in touch with your family and friends but also for recording and storing those precious photo memories.

One of the most important factors when buying a new phone will be the seamless transition of transferring all your existing data onto your new device. Meelie Mobile wants to show you how this can be done before you sell your old phone to us.


Back up your old phone

To avoid losing any of your data you need to back it up. This will ensure that if the transfer goes wrong somewhere, you can retrieve all your info in one place. Make sure you are logged into either your iCloud account or wherever your backups are normally stored. Ensure all your data is backed up. Generally, periodic and automatic backups are a good practice to get into.


 iPhone – Back up your data

Firstly make sure you are logged into your iCloud account, or you know your login details before you get going, as this is the application that iPhones needs to back up data. Now go through the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then go to > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup
  3. You can turn ‘iCloud Backup’ on or off for automatic backups. At the bottom of the page, it will state when your most recent backup was completed.
  4. You will also have the option to ‘Back up Now’ if you haven’t backed up your iPhone in a while.


Transferring your data and apps

When all your data is backed up, it’s time to look at transferring it to your new phone. If you’re transferring from iPhone to iPhone, this is pretty straightforward, but it’s slightly different if you’re changing from Android to iPhone. Whichever you’re doing, just check the relevant instruction below.


Transferring data and apps from iPhone to iPhone

You will need your new phone and your old iPhone ready before you start, iCloud should be enabled on your old phone and you need to have your Apple ID to hand too.

  1. Make sure your old iPhone is switched on and then power on your new phone.
  2. Place your new device next to your old one, and the quick start screen will pop up, showing you the Apple ID you’ll be using.
  3. Then click > Continue.
  4. An animation will appear on your new device’s screen.
  5. Put your old phone over your new device to centre the animation.
  6. It will then display a message stating Finish on New. (Select ‘Authenticate Manually’, if you are unable to use your old phone’s camera)
  7. Your new device will ask for your old phone’s passcode.
  8. Once you’ve set up any lock screen authentication, like Face ID or Touch ID, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Apple account on your new iPhone.
  9. The next question you’ll be asked will be whether you want to transfer the app data and photos directly from your old phone or if you want to transfer everything from your most recent iCloud backup.
  10. Finally, all your data will be transferred to your new phone.


Transferring data and apps from iPhone to Android

If you are moving from iPhone to Android, or you’ve added an Android device to your collection, the procedure is a little different. Maybe you’re looking to set up a new Samsung phone after years of using iOS. Rather than using your iCloud, you’ll need to upload your data to Google Drive to make sure you can access it. So here’s how to upload your iPhone data to Google Drive:

  1. You need to download the Google Drive app onto your old iPhone. To access Google Drive you’ll need to have a Google account.
  2. On your new Android phone, begin your start-up process.
  3. You’ll be asked whether you want to transfer data from an old device, select yes and then choose an iPhone device.
  4. On your old iPhone, open your web browser and go to
  5. Open Google Drive and click the menu icon in the top left corner.
  6. Next, go to Settings > Backup
  7. It will then give you options on what you’d like to include. You can select from ‘Contacts’, ‘Photos & Videos’ and ‘Calendar Events’. Clicking on one of these gives you further options within them.
  8. Press Start Backup in the bottom corner of the screen when you’re ready.
  9. This could take a while if you’ve got a lot of data.
  10. If you’re moving your number over too, turn off iMessage and FaceTime on your old iPhone.
  11. On your new Android, continue with the on-screen instructions and you’ll be prompted to log in to your Google account.
  12. Your data will begin to download.

Please note that you can’t transfer apps from iPhone to Android, but most available apps on iOS have an Android equivalent that you’ll find in the Google Play store.


How to transfer photos and videos from one phone to another

It’s not just new phones that need you to transfer items. Sometimes you may simply need to transfer photos and videos between your devices. This means you won’t be doing it during the main setup of the new phone. The process is a little different on both iPhone and Android, but the basics are the same.


How to transfer photos and videos to your new iPhone

Follow the steps below to transfer your photos from one iPhone mobile phone to a new one. The best way to do it uses an iCloud backup. This is also a good way to reduce the volume of photographs stored on your iPhone too.

  1. Open Settings on your old phone.
  2. Navigate Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Photos
  3. Ensure iCloud Photos is  ‘on’
  4. On your new iPhone follow the same process as above.
  5. Select ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ or ‘Download and Keep Originals’ depending on what you want to do. The first of these options will reduce the space used by photos on your device.

There are other ways you can transfer photos, for instance, if you only want to move a small number you can use AirDrop. If you have a Mac you can connect your phone and use the Finder, however, iCloud is the most efficient way.

We hope the above instructions help you – Don’t forget Meelie Mobile is here to give you cash for your old phone, even if it is broken.  Find out HERE