iPhone 15: When is the New iPhone Coming Out? Everything you Need to Know

iPhone 15
As the golden hues of September approach, tech enthusiasts around the world can feel the electric buzz in the air. It’s not just the onset of Autumn; it’s the anticipation of Apple’s iconic event. Is the iPhone 15 launch just around the corner?

September has traditionally been the month when Apple unveils its latest masterpiece, and this year seems to be no exception. Let’s dive into what we know, what we’re hoping for, and the excitement building around the imminent iPhone 15 release.

Apple iPhone’s Previous Launch

September Ritual: It’s known that Apple has stuck to a September launch schedule for its flagship iPhone products over the years.

Apple has announced new releases on a Wednesday, as it did for last year’s iPhone 14 series.

Last year’s iPhone 14 was launched a week earlier than usual, on the first Wednesday of September. 

Predicted iPhone15 Release Date

New iPhone 15 leaks suggest a possible October debut, as rumours of production issues are circulating. It appears that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max might be facing reliability tests due to their design.

Another scenario could see Apple postponing the entire iPhone lineup’s release to October, provided they address the alleged production snags. Still, a September unveiling of the new iPhone remains likely if all goes smoothly.

Apple should aim to keep within the initial week of September while sidestepping Labour Day complications, they might unveil the iPhone 15 on Wednesday, September 6th. In such scenario, we can anticipate the iPhone’s market release on Friday, September 15th.

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