Affiliate Program

The Meelie Affiliate Program has been designed with simplicity at its core.

It’s simple to use, gives every user unique tracking links, features a handy dashboard to keep track of earnings and has ready to use pre-prepared marketing and sales resources.
We’re on hand to help in any way we can too.

What are the features and benefits?

Unique Links

Deals and Discounts

Technical Support

Access to the Tracking Platform

Sales success rewards

How does it work?

Our program operates through Post Affliate Pro, and it’s designed to make the process simple for every affiliate.

Commission Rates

Service Rates & Conditions
Meelie Shop Order value less than £50 = £1 commission
Value equal to or greater than £50 = £5 commission
Meelie Buyback Confirmed buyback price less than £50 = £1 commission
Confirmed buyback price equal to or greater than £50 = £5 commission
Meelie Repair Order value less than £50 = £1 commission
Value equal to or greater than £50 = £5 commission

Once you’re on board, you can access your dashboard to see real time status and information including some useful sales and marketing tools. 

What support can you access?

We’re happy to meet your requirements in any way we can, but the support we provide would typically include:

  • A link builder
  • Pre-made banners
  • Graphics

If you require anything more specific, then just get in touch.  We’ll be happy to assist where we can. 

All links are trackable for 60 days and these let us track customer sales.  If you secure a sale be rest assured that we’ll know.

We’ll also keep in touch to inform you about deals, discounts and promotions, so you can always give your customers the best price possible and make the most of our affiliate program!